Anime Matsuri 2015 in Pictures

This past weekend the George R Brown Convention center held the 9th annual Anime Matsuri.  In addition to the plethora of cosplayers dressed in their favorite anime and comic book characters, there was a massive hall full of booths selling a wide range of anime related items.  In the hall next to it was a massive car show featuring modified cars both import and american.  There was also a hall for gaming (table top and console with Texas Showdown) and photos, featuring massive backdrops for people to take photos with.  On the third level there were rooms for panels in a wide range of topics from Q&A’s with voice actors, to how to cosplay.   Other main events included the J Fashion show on Friday night which is not your typical fashion show, but more of a play.  And Saturday night there were two Japanese concerts with Disacode and Anna Tsuchiya.

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