J.L. Clark brings the world of fantasy to life with The Avalon Relics

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Author JL Clark

What began as a fourth grade writing assignment for Houstonian and blossoming author J.L. Clark turned into a storytelling journey that takes readers into the surreal, prophetic life of an 18-year old.

Sophia Bennett is the heroine of The Avalon Relics: Lilith Links and the recently released, The Avalon Relics: Lailan Crown, coming-of-age page turners that propel readers into her life as a young woman who, after receiving a special birthday gift from her mother, is thrust into a world of fantasy and the ancient moral struggle between good and evil. Both Lilith Links and Lailan Crown explore thrilling mystery, adventure and adolescent love, as Clark introduces the angsts and triumphs of Sophia, a character in whom all young adults can relate.

And readers around the globe agree:

“People of all ages will relate to the amazing journey of the shy awkward heroine who discovers a magical world that is shockingly juxtaposed with her own previously mundane life …”
“As an adult fan of Young Adult novels, this book was an incredible read. It pulls from various references of mythology and tales of old, all the while creating a world and a history all its own …”
“Another great book by JL Clark. She paints such vivid pictures of an amazing fantasy world that I was always reluctant to leave when I had to put the book down …”

*Reviews found at www.jl-clark.com/avalon/books/

Clark’s writing career began after she submitted a writing assignment – a detective story – to her fourth grade teacher. The assignment left such an indelible mark on the teacher, it was bound into a book and given to Clark as a small gift. It was that encouragement, as well as her love for telling stories, that kept her writing about the worlds in which only her imagination could provide.
She now lives in Houston with her husband and three dogs. Clark stays busy and divides her time between academia and private practice. She specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry and is an assistant professor of psychiatry at University of Texas Health Medical School and clinical assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine. In the evenings, her storytelling alter ego takes over, as she fervently writes to share the magic of her literary gift. Clark will be honored at the 3rd Annual Top 30 Influential Women of Houston Awards Gala August 28 at the Houstonian Hotel.
Third Planet Books recently hosted Clark for a book signing at their 40th anniversary celebration July 18.

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